Programmi di studi in Computational Science presso la Florida State University

Pubblico molto volentieri una segnalazione del prof. Laganà riguardo all'offerta di corsi di studi postlaurea
triennale (bachelor) come dottorando (PhD) o laureando
specialistico (Master) con eventuale borsa alla School of Computational Science (SCS) presso la Florida State

Ecco il testo della segnalazione:

Graduate student assistantships available for
Ph.D. and M.S. degree programs in Computational Science

The School of Computational Science (SCS) at Florida State
 University will institute an innovative new Ph.D. program in
Computational Science in Fall 2007. The School already has
an active M.S. program in Computational Science.

Over the last few decades, computations have  joined theory
and experimentation to form the three pillars of scientific
discovery and technological design. Computational Science
can be viewed as residing at the intersection of mathematics,
computer science, statistics, engineering and the natural
sciences.   Examples of problems in Computational Science
that are common to these disciplines include algorithm
development and analysis, multiscale techniques, scientific
visualization, data mining, etc. Due to the interdisciplinary nature
of Computational Science, it is essential that a computational
scientist be trained in an interdisciplinary setting. The SCS is
uniquely positioned to offer such training because it has a truly
multidisciplinary faculty consisting of  biochemists, biologists,
computer scientists, engineers, geophysicists, mathematicians,
and physicists, with an even broader spectrum of interests to be
represented in the future.

Students enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Computational Science
can choose several areas of specialization. In addition to the major
track, which trains students interested in computational algorithms
which can be applied to a wide range of disciplines, we offer tracks
in atmospheric science, biochemistry, biological science, geological
science, materials science and physics. Soon, we hope to add a
track in Validation and Verification. Students following these tracks
 gain expertise in computational issues specifically related to the
 chosen field.

The SCS maintains a large and diverse computing infrastructure
in support of research and education. Computing resources at the
SCS include supercomputers, a number of clusters and
computational servers, a laboratory for scientific visualization, a
 bioinformatics server and more. The SCS Visualization Laboratory
 provides high-powered visualization resources to the FSU
community for research, data analysis of large data collections, and

Florida State University is a national graduate research university
which has built a reputation as a strong center for research in the
sciences. It is located in Tallahassee, FL which is situated in the
Florida panhandle and is approximately two hours from some of the
most beautiful, uncrowded beaches in the United States.

Applications are being accepted now for Fall 2007. The SCS has a
number of assistantships available for qualified individuals.
Minorities  are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants should
hold a baccalaureate degree in computer science, mathematics,
statistics, engineering, or a natural science. The interested
applicant should submit an on-line application to the SCS
an application to the Florida State University
plus supporting materials which include GRE general test scores,
official transcripts, and three letters of recommendation.

For more information, please go to the SCS web site
or send a message to

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