Step 2 completed

Step 2 is completed, too. And just with a few minor technical issues.
Now I can only inaugurate brand new website with a good article, which is the one your reading at this moment.

Of course the 1,5 readers of my website may ask what’s happening, and it’s easily explained. I was bringing along an archive of old things related to topics that had become useless or uninteresting for me for a few reasons, so I’ve make a cut, obviously I’ve get a backup before cutting.

Here are keyword of new website:

  • Minimal
  • Importance
  • Clean
  • Reading
  • Reason
  • Feeling

A kind of “less is more” approch, hoping that it can become “still less but better” in future.

Feedback on new site are welcome as usual, both positive or negative, but only if they are constructive and civil, so feel free to write me or comment!

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