Donation to GCompris

This year I’ve put together lovo for my nieces and my usual donation to Free Software and Open Source projects.

I’ve promptly taken this opportunity yesterday afternoon, whan nieces were complaining about inability to use on their home PC (unfortunately without GNU/Linux) all games shipped with GCompris edutainment suite (

GCompris consists in a set of games, more than 120, designed for educational and pedagogical goals, suitable to learn using computer to children between 2 and 10 years. It’s all Free Software and in GNU/Linux version is completely free of charge and available in repositories of a great number of distros, while versions for Windows and MAC OS have a limitation you can unlock with a 9 euros contribute.

I’ve used GCompris from many year with my nieces, and they’ve been always enthusiast of it, and even tough I’m completely ignorant of pedagogy, I’ve always feel fine in making them play and learn with GCompris games.

Without any doubt I’ve made a very appreciated gift to my little players and I’ve given my contribute to this project.

I could not ask for more!

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