Bad start recipe


  • A new supplier (of anything)
  • A calendar (even digital)
  • A potential customre (me)
  • An inspection to do


Wait for a need to do a work.
As it happens call new supplier and make an appointment writing it down on calendar (even digital).
Schedule own commitments at home and work to ensure presence of all people involved in appointment.
On choosen day, calendar (digital) rings 15 minutes before new supplier should arrive.

Wait for 15 minutes.
Wait for other 15 minutes.

Pick up the phone and note that supplier is in the middle of an urgency had he was unable to warn you he’s canceled appointment.
Ask if he can reschedule appointment later in the day and arrange to be called from him later.

End call.
Be thrilled.

Et voilà, il cattivo inizio è servito.

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