Olimpic Games (Registered Trademark)

On the series Olimpic GamesTM (registered trademark), I’ve noticed a little case of technologic discrimination, in this case for users of GNU/Linux systems:

“In osservanza degli obblighi di protezione delle dirette imposti dal CIO, le stesse dirette saranno disponibili per il web sui sistemi operativi OS e Windows, sui tablet e smartphone in modalità WI- FI solo attraverso applicazioni specifiche (es. Rai.tv e Rai Sport).”

Source: http://www.stadiosport.it/42159-olimpiadi-londra-2012-in-diretta-tv-streaming-tutte-la-manifestazione-live.htm

Trying accessing live streaming on rai.tv websites (as a regular subscriber of company services) from my GNU/Linux PC I see following message:

“Siamo spiacenti. La visione del contenuto non è accessibile per motivi legate alla gestione e disponibilità dei diritti.”

Message seems to be (one more time probably) that on system different from Mac OS and Windows is not possible to have things made legally.
I think more transparency sould be used with users in such case, informing them that is not matter of “right” and “legality”, is just a money affair.
Insufficient capability to manage legal rights means to be not able to make profit, or at least not to be sure you can make profit. To be clear,this is legitimate, since many people work to offer me such service I cannot expect to get it for free.

But I consider unfair trying to “suggest” it’s a kind of illegal what, in fact, is just a problem of getting paid for a service for who offer such service.

In this case limitations seem to be imposed from CIO, and it’s where artcile title came from (remembering of a post from Seth Godin “Jumping the Olympic® shark“).

In general, about Rai, this topic have generated, and generates, duscussions from many years, since Rai uses Microsoft technology for streaming services which it’s not available on GNU/Linux systems (except for some geek tweaks with poor results) and which was for many people, including me, a very bad strategic choice.



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